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Natohaus Training & Testing


The incredible natural hunting abilities of the DD are optimized by a consistent, structured
training program. This includes “Force Fetching” at an appropriate age. I am personally
available to assist any of our buyers in developing and implementing a successful training
program. Buyers in the local area are invited to join our training club, Northeast Washington
Gundog Club, and train on the superb grounds available here.
The importance of testing the DD cannot be overemphasized. The testing process evaluates
each successive generation,  ensuring that all dogs that are bred, have successfully met
stringent standards. It is these standards that are responsible for the breed being what it is.
The benchmarks that testing provides in each generation results in incremental
improvements, providing new owners with an assurance of a quality hunting dog. Even if an
owner is not interested in breeding, testing provides feedback to the breeder concerning the
overall breeding program and more importantly it provides the owner additional impetus to
train their dog.
For more information on testing please visit the
VDD website.

Also see and Burlington Ranch.

Training and testing these dogs is so integral to the success of the breed, I am happy to
return $100 of the purchase price of one of our puppies for each of the three performance
breed tests, for a possible rebate of up to $300. Please call me for more information.